‘Walking away’

How does it feel being the first to walk away?

Leaving behind people who expect you to stay.

Show me the road you take and I’ll go the other way, 

I don’t want to risk the chances of our paths crossing again someday.

I sit right there hoping you’d come, at least you’d turn, 

But the monster inside you made you jump and run.

Then is when I knew I have to move with questions unanswered, 

I’m not walking away, I’m just walking forward.

All memories I’ll erase, the bridges I set on fire you’ll see. 

Each shred of love I had for you I’ll rip and set free. 

I’ll find things to love again and won’t look back to ask you why. 

Least I’m better than you, who left with an unsaid goodbye.

And maybe one day I’ll sit again and look back at life, 

In midst of chaos how to find peace I strived. 

Happy in the life that then scared me cause it was without you,

Even if the hardest of all was walking away still loving you. 

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