Greater than happiness.

Sometimes we don’t know why we do what we do,
Why we say what we say,
Why we take the path that we take,
Why we choose the people we choose.

Perhaps for the momentary relief from a weight that is shifted from our chest. The weight of doing something, saying something, that was always left undone, unsaid.

Once in a while for the satisfaction, also momentary, of taking the path that scares us, the one that calls us.

We do it also because in that moment fear becomes our drive, fear of losing forever the profound thrill of doing it, saying it, taking that path and being with those people.

Sometimes we do it for the act, the words, that one particular path, the one specific person, since it is only them that have the tendency of leaving us the closest to happiness that we have ever been. And though it lasts only for the fraction of a second, it is never regretted cause it is this feeling that is somehow greater than happiness itself.

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